Amy Walters - Van Oostendorp
US Representative

My name is Amy and I am so excited to be a Liason for the U.S. on behalf of Team Seb !
I live in a small town in southern Michigan with my wonderful husband of almost 30 years, Ken, and our Labrador mix, Charlotte.  I’ve spent my career in the automotive industry, working at dealerships.  I was also my hubby’s secretary and paper grading assistant during his career as a high school science teacher.
Discovering the music of Il Divo was a complete accident!  I was awake during the middle of the night sometime in 2005, and began channel-surfing on TV.  I stopped at the local PBS station, and was totally amazed at the music I was hearing!  “Unchained Melody” was the first Il Divo song I heard, and I was hooked!  The next day I went out and bought the guys’ first 2 CDs.  My first concert wasn’t until 2012, and I finally met the guys in person in October of 2016.  I took along my Mom (who came all the way from Florida), and my spare license plate which reads 4ILDIVO.
While Sebastien has always been my favorite Divo, I was so impressed at the Meet & Greet with his kindness and his true appreciation for the fans who love their music so much.  He thought my license plate was awesome, too!  These are the reasons why I want to help spread the word about this truly gifted, humble, and talented individual.  Sebastien is one of a kind, and we need to tell the world about him, and his charities.
I am truly honored to be the newest member of Team Seb, and I will do my very best to share his talents with lots of enthusiasm and hard work. 

As a US liaison, Amy's main role will be to follow Seb's and Il Divo's activities in the US for us, and being a point of contact for fans there. She will soon be the fan club's roving reporter/blogger on the upcoming Il Divo cruise, and we're looking forward to see, read and hear all about her adventures.