Lynn Law
Merchandise Coordinator

My name is Lynn and my pride and joy is running the Sebbyholics page on Facebook. I am 63 years old, married and have 3 children and 7 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and a gorgeous Border Collie called Missy. I live near Cambridge, UK and work as a medical secretary at a GP surgery. I am also carer for my husband who has suffered the neurological form of Lyme Disease for 12 years and has Lyme dementia.
I am very much a newcomer to Il Divo. My aunt Marjorie has loved them right since the start. From their very first airing of Regressa a Mi back in 2004 she has adored them all, and in particular Urs, but despite me having The Power of Love on my ipod I knew absolutely nothing about them -... UNTIL 2014 when, as a special treat, I took her to Birmingham to see A Musical Affair. Seeing those 4 gorgeous guys on sta ge and hearing the magical sound that they made was incredible enough but when Sébastien began the third song of the show, If Ever I Would Leave You, I just couldn't believe my ears and my eyes. I was totally under his spell that entire evening and have been ever since.
I am very much a lifelong rock-chick but when I heard the sheer power of his beautiful voice together with the orchestra and then realising just how incredibly handsome he was it was an earth-shattering, spine-tingling Eureka moment.

Lynn is part of our merchandising team and is responsible for product design for Fan Club and charity items.